Heal My Hurting Heart by Alison Knight

Champagne Books


ISBN: 1897261128

Reviewed by Scarlet



Gina Walker is fleeing from a murdering stepfather who demands she marry him.  In a time when women have few rights she is afraid her stepfather can make her marry him.  Gathering what little she has, Gina flees into the night only to have an accident and lose her memory.  When she wakes to the sight of a handsome rancher and no memory things look pretty grim.  When her memory does slowly return, Gina is afraid to come forward, believing Luke will send her back to her stepfather.  It will take things going from bad to worse before life gets better for Gina. 

Luke Adams is a bitter man; used and abused by women in the past he has no trust in him.  When he comes upon an injured young woman on his mountain, he has no choice but to take her in but he  isnít happy about it.  There is something about this sad young woman that calls to him making him want to believe in her goodness.  Ever the gentleman, when Luke compromises Gina he marries her but will the trust and love they are building on be compromised when he learns the truth?  When danger comes to the door, will he be able to keep the woman he has come to love safe?

Heal My Hurting Heart blends just the right combination of romance and mystery in this charming story that is sure to strengthen your faith in love healing all wounds.  Author, Allison Knight brings two wounded individuals together when they each need to find love the most.  The characters are realistic and full of human flaws, likable yet frustrating in their secrets and insecurities.  Luke is an outstanding hero who is afraid to trust after being used so much in the past.  His underlying core of chivalry refuses to let him abandon the woman he rescues.  Their slow building of trust and love is realistic and utterly captivating; it is like watching the sun come out after a rainstorm.  Gina is a woman many will identify with; trapped in an impossible situation she escapes as soon as she is able.  She has courage that is admirable and yet her repeated lack of confidence in Luke became a little tedious at times.  The chemistry is unmistakable between the pair and resonates whenever they share a scene.  The element of danger is an underlying mystery throughout and has a surprise climax I never expected.  If you are looking for a historical romance that contains complex characters, danger and passion you will not be disappointed with Heal My Hurting Heart by Allison Knight.


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