Have a Little Faith by Cassidy Ryan

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Kieran is tired of one-night stands and relationships with no future, which is why even though he has had the hots for his bossí son, Gavin, he has never done anything about it.  However, now that Kieranís boss has announced that he will retire and that Gavin will be taking his place, Kieran is afraid the temptation will be too strong to resistÖ Will Gavin become Kieranís Christmas gift?

Have a Little Faith is a wonderfully touching story about finding love.  Kieran has yearned for Gavin, but had never dared to follow through on Gavinís flirtations since Gavin is a known player.  But when Gavin lets Kieran know that he is serious about his interest in Kieran, Kieran must decide if he is brave enough to follow his heart or wise enough to follow his head.  Have a Little Faith is a great read for all those who enjoy romances that leave you sighing at the end.


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