Hardwind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Ellora’s Cave

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 1-4199-0429-2

Reviewed by Scarlet



Dáire Cronin was almost killed on his last mission, thinking about the fight he had with his lover, Star Kiernan. He works for a top-secret government agency and Star is fed up with all of the secrecy and long absences. She is moving on, but Dáire can’t seem to let her go. She is the only woman for him, will always be the only one for him.

Dáire’s boss, Tyndall Gentry owns him. She dominates every aspect of his life, but she has failed to make him want her like he wants Star. She is a dangerous foe, more so than Dáire and Star thought possible.

Hardwind is an edgy and fast moving erotic thriller. I was captivated by the relationship between Dáire and Star. They had sexual chemistry that leapt off the pages, and the reader warning was very appropriate; sexually explicit with steamy love scenes.  With a vividly presented emotional conflict between Dáire, Star, and Tyndall there was no doubt in my mind this would be a rocky journey for two people who were meant to be together. Together, Dáire and Star are a formidable force to be reckoned with.  Tyndall is a truly obsessed and nasty individual while Daniel Jackson, Dáire’s friend and partner, is a charming one. I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced storyline, the brilliant characterization, and unique twist to an old scenario.  Charlotte Boyett-Compo is a gifted writer to watch.  Her storylines drawn the reader right into the midst of the conflict and doesn’t let them go until the dramatic conclusion.


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