Hard to Guard by Nina Mamone

I Dream of Dragons II

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-671-X

Reviewed by Jo



Five years is a long time to lust after a co-worker and not be able to make anything happen, at least thatís what Sorcha thinks. She was in the same orientation class for Guardians to the Wyrms as Connor. Sorcha loves her job as a pastry chef, but lately, she has been feeling unfulfilled in her job as a Guardian. Maybe, just maybe, she should give up on ever getting Connor and find something and somewhere new to start over.

Connor McKenna is a construction worker during the day, but at all other times, he is a Wyrm Guardian. For several years now, Connor has been thinking about leaving the job, as the Wyrms are basically spoiled kids who need nannies. However, he just canít leave while a particular name alone will make him sweat and get him harder than ever. Sorcha has been a need and want since the first time he saw her, but Connor knows she is someone he will never get a chance at.

When their wyrms come up missing, Connor and Sorcha have to work together to find them. Usually they just avoid each other unless they are verbally attacking each other. Now having to stay close together, neither Connor nor Sorcha can control the needs they have put aside for years and the flames have never burned higher. When the path puts them on the trail of a new and highly addictive drug, Connor and Sorcha are placed into danger that could snuff out the newly-released flames for all time.

Hard to Guard shows a side of caring for dragons and wyrms that isnít seen all the time.: that of the humans who give all their free time to keep the dragons and wyrms safe and out of trouble. Sorcha mostly enjoys her job as a wyrm guardian, but lately wonders if she should begin looking for something else. Connor has not been happy with his job as a wyrm nanny, but he does not want to leave as that is his only access to Sorcha. Right from the beginning, I could feel the built-up frustration that both Connor and Sorcha feel. I was not surprised at all when they exploded as soon as they were forced into close proximity with each other for any length of time. It was gratifying to see that both were able to keep a level head when the danger could have been overwhelming. Hard to Guard has an undercover alpha and a sassy heroine along with just a bit of danger. Lovers of fantasy will enjoy this unique look at the people who keep dragons safe.


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