Guardian of the Onyx Empire by Vanessa Gilfoy

Ellora’s Cave

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 9781419913495

Reviewed by Patrice F.



If one of your parents is a legend then as the only heir you are automatically slotted for greatness—or at least that is how it should be.

Lizeria is a hybrid mix of elf and human. Even with an overwhelming sense of obligation and duty, Lizeria does not fool herself into thinking that she knows it all, far from it. She has to fight to overcome her feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Does she have the strength, courage and determination to assume her place as ruler? Or is she just a naïve child forever lost in her infamous mother’s shadow—a woman both coveted and feared?

The Onyx Empire has been decimated by amoral magic users. Lizeria sets out to request help from her few remaining relatives and allies. She feels that her supporters will aid her in gaining the skill to use an intimidating magical resource. The very last thing she needs is distraction - even if it is the sexiest distraction she has ever encountered.

Alexander Rey enters the scene with stunning effect. Lizeria is slammed from all directions by her feelings. Alexander is not unaffected by her even though his mind is tightly shielded. To make matters worse, she is not sure if he is more than human. Whether he is what he seems, Alex is bound to his past which intersects with Lizeria’s fate. He proves to be the answer to all her problems. Yet, what’s in it for him? She struggles with the knowledge of her future, hoping to steal an interlude where she can. Once she gains what she needs and he is gone will she have the strength to resume her quest? Or worse yet, will he betray her?

Guardian of the Onyx Empire is fantasy romance packed with science and metaphysics, keeping the story interesting and the explanations tight. My only complaint is that it staggers to a halt. I became involved with characters so I was looking forward to more. However, there is enough build up that I am anticipating the sequel. The love scenes are sweltering! Ms. Gilfoy has created a fascinating world nicely balanced out with scenery and detail.


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