Good Vibrations by Lyndi Lamont

Amber Heat


ISBN: 978-1-59279-679-3

Reviewed by Ley


Vietnam vet Joe Marcellino may not have lost his life in the helicopter crash that left him with a disfigured leg and a nasty limp, but he lost everything else.  He lost his fiancée, his dreams for the future and his belief in himself along with his discharge from the army.  With the luck he was having it was fitting that the train taking him to his home in Chicago was on Track 13.  Could meeting the beautiful redhead Sunny when boarding be an indication his luck may be changing?

Sunny MCCafferty, an active protester of the Vietnam War, was traveling to Chicago to lend her voice to the protest march on the Democratic Convention.  Finding herself attracted to an ex-soldier was not part of the plan.

Good Vibration is a story of free love and free speech.  On their overnight train ride from New York City to Chicago, Sunny and Joe were not a war vet and war protester, they were just two people with a strong attraction to one another.  I like that even though their beliefs were different and they were on opposing sides they did not try to convince the other that their beliefs and what they were fighting for was wrong.  One thing they both agreed on whole-heartedly is that it was much more fun making love with each other instead of war.


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