Good as Gold by CB Potts

Rockhounds, Book 3

Torquere Press

M/M Action Adventure Romance

Reviewed by Ley



With their boat sold and gone to settle the mob debt Sean created, Matt goes back to working in a classroom and Parker gets a security job at the same college.  Settling into normal lives, the two men start to look at their relationship in a longterm basis.  Parker wants to know everything about Matt and asks if they could visit his parents on their vacation.  One thing Parker should have expected was that things with Matt donít stay normal and ordinary for long.

Mattís family is on the unordinary side of life. They are very much insane.  If having to deal with his boyfriend meeting his crazy parents and even crazier sister wasnít enough, Mattís ex- boyfriend that just will not go away comes back and tries to kill him and his family.

Good as Gold is one crazy story! Poor Matt. The only thing sane in his life is Parker.  Meeting Mattís family explains why he put up with Seanís crap for so long. He didnít expect to have anything better with the family he grew up with.  Parker is fantastic.  After meeting Mattís family, and there is some sketchy stuff going on in that household, his love for Matt didnít lessen at all.  Full of action and some jaw-dropping moments, Good as Gold is a fun and very interesting read.


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