Golden Seduction by Taige Crenshaw

Rarities Incorporated, Book 1

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 978141991203

Reviewed by Indy



As a human employee of Rarities Incorporated, Laila is no stranger to supernatural beings with exorbitant amounts of power. A geek mind, body and soul, a good time for her is working on her next computer project or working with her A.I., Thane, who has more emotions than most men. When a gift of a Tarot Deck leaves her with a blond dreaded King in her living room Leila doesn’t know what to expect next. What she does know is that she will do anything to help Aleneic get free from the prison of the deck which has enslaved him for thousands of years. Short on time Aleneic and Laila are in for a whirlwind of adventure as they race against time and an ancient enemy for a chance at love.

Having read one of the other Rarities book I actually didn’t realize this Torrid Tarot book was part of the series. In Golden Seduction we are exposed to a Laila, a super intelligent woman with no life outside work and her obsession with learning and creating. In a story that turned into a rather exciting adventure as she and the King Aleneic went from one part of the world to the next searching for the item needed to free him from his enslavement to the cards. While the attraction between Laila and Aleneic was electrifying to watch and the actions scenes impressive I have to admit the ending fell flat for me. The resolution just seemed to come out of no where and the “shocking” ending just didn’t seem to flow with the rest of the story. All and all this is still a great story I just had a different ending in my mind.


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