Goddess of the Grove by Mandy Roth

Sacred Places, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Paranormal / Red Hots

ISBN: 1-59998-455-5

Reviewed by Jo



Korey OíCaha helps his cousin run their bar, but his real job is to protect witches in their area and to battle the evil that he finds. Now at seven hundred years old, it is his lifeís purpose -- that is, until he first meets Gigi, the woman they hire as a waitress in the bar. Korey wants Gigi to be more than a part of his work and keeping his passion under control is not easy. His main problem is that no one is supposed to know about him, his druid sorcerer powers, or that he is immortal. Gigi is the daughter of a god who fought and lost to her uncle over the druid children many, many years ago. When she got away from her prison, Gigi started living as a human to protect not only herself, but also those children who were still under her care.

One night at the bar, Gigi discovers that those who follow the darkness have discovered where she is and are out to get her. That same night, Korey learns there is much Gigi has hidden from him. Thinking that their passion can finally have its way, Korey and Gigi come together. Revelations become surprise when both discover just what destiny has in mind for them. When Gigiís uncle makes his move, is their bond enough to save the day? Or will evil and misunderstandings trump destiny?

Goddess of the Grove brought me back to the bar of sacred places. Korey has happily fulfilled his druid duties to protect. Gigi sacrificed herself long ago to protect a village of druid children.  They both end up at his bar and try to fight the passion that flames between them. I loved watching them tiptoe around each other until the secrets began to come out.  The sparks and flames that came from Korey and Gigi are hot and sexy. I cheered as they took care of the danger to them and then had the urge to bash heads on their next actions. Ms. Rothís touch with paranormals is such that you donít want to put her books down. In Goddess of the Grove, I had the same problem. Korey, Gigi, and their story held me enthralled from the start. Whether you are a follower of Ms. Rothís books or just a lover of paranormals, Goddess of the Grove is going to be a must read and a keeper.

If you have not read the first book, you will want to go grab it, too. Iím now hoping the future story that was hinted at becomes the third book in this series.


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