Giving Up the Ghost by GA Hauser

Linden Bay Romance

Gay Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-60202-097-9, 978-1-60202-096-2

Reviewed by Cassie



Artist Ryan Monroe has spent the past two years grieving over the death of his lover, Victor.  When he meets a man he believes to be a new neighbor, heís shocked to feel attraction for the man.  Heís even more shocked when he discovers the man he met isnít a man at all, but a ghost!  The spirit of Evan Oliver, a man killed in the same accident as Ryanís lover, is suddenly haunting him.  The ghost seems to be trying to tell him somethingÖ

Paul Goldman, an orchestra violinist, has been having terrible dreams lately.  He canít seem to get over the loss of his lover, Evan, and heís not even sure he wants to.  Can two ghosts bring these lonely, heartbroken men together?

Giving Up the Ghost is a learning to love again tale with a paranormal twist.  I really liked the idea of ghosts matching up their former lovers.  I also liked Ryan, whose grief, uncertainty, and fear seemed very believable.  His sweet, caring friend Amy was a great supporting character.  Paul was not as well developed.  He went rather abruptly from thinking Ryan was crazy or cruel to being attracted to him, which wasnít as believable.  The over-arching storyline was good, but I was often temporarily confused by the jumps from past to present and from reality to dreams.  The grief both Ryan and Paul felt was very well written, and I felt it right along with them.  Other emotions, such as anger and confusion, were also very well presented.  Unfortunately, the love the men were supposed to be feeling for each other did not come across as well.  The relationship seemed to develop too quickly, and conflicts were resolved too easily.  While Giving Up the Ghost dealt well with the myriad emotions of love after a terrible loss, I was somewhat disappointed by the romance.  GA Hauser came up with a great story idea, however, with likeable characters, making this an interesting read overall. 


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