Ghost Wind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

ISBN: 9781419909955

Reviewed by Erys



Lanelle Durant, recently divorced and moving back home, runs into trouble when her car breaks down on the Interstate. This is fortunate for her, because when she calls her cousin to say she'll be a few more days, her ex-husband gets on the phone and starts threatening her.

After enduring a too long marriage to a man who beat her viciously, Lannie is more than ready to stay in this friendly town. Especially if it means it will take longer for her husband to find her.

Soon after she falls in love with a house near by, she learns the tragic history of the inhabitants and others in the area. She also sees what she thinks is a ghost. But ghosts can't be real can they? If not, why does she see him every time she goes to the house and in her dreams?

Ghost Wind took my breath away with its intensity. I love Charlotte Boyett-Compo's books, and this one was as good as the rest. I enjoyed the line Lannie said when she mentioned Reapers. The whole cast of characters, were so lovable that I want to see more of them. I want Brad to have a happy ending. I would love to see more of Alton and Rae and of course Lannie and Remy.

There is a very graphic violent part near the end of the story. It wouldn't be a Charlee book if it didn't have this scene, but I felt the need to warn those readers who are opposed to something so intense. I had to skim one page because it was a topic I don't stomach well, but that section of the story was a necessary evil.

The ending left me hungering for more. I hope this talented author will write more books set in Rock Creek so that I can spend more time with these characters. I love the way I can really hate a character, and then Ms. Boyett-Compo will turn my world upside down and I find myself doing a 180.


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