Genie, No Bottle by Nina Merrill

Amber Heat

Contemporary Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59279-671-7

Reviewed by Cassie



Many generations ago, Laura’s family was cursed.  They were forced by a sorcerer to wander far from their ancestral homeland.  Also, the curse binds one member of each generation to a jinni who angered the family. 

Samir is the jinni who once angered one of Laura’s ancestors.  For hundreds of years, he’s served members of her family without complaint, but Laura is different.  Samir’s feelings for her are much deeper than he’s ever had before.  With the curse in effect, Samir is doomed to live on long after Laura dies.  Can Laura and Samir find a way to be together?

Genie, No Bottle is a cute, quick read.  I liked the sometimes wise, sometimes petulant Samir.  Laura’s annoyance at his meddling in her life was funny.  I would have liked this one to be longer so I could get to know the characters more and learn about their pasts, but even so it was a fun story with a sweet ending.


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