Fruits of Betrayal by Bonnie Dee

Terran Realm

Liquid Silver Books

Sci-fi, Paranormal

ISBN: 1-59578-335-0

Reviewed by Erys



Justin is a loyal member of KOTE. Or at least he was. That was before Raymond Brody took his Trina hostage and forced him to work as a double agent. Guilt at what he has had to do eats at him, but heíll do anything to keep his adopted daughter safe. Even face the woman who betrayed him and cozy up to her to finish his task.

Fruits of Betrayal is a story that will have you wanting to throttle the hero. I read Measure of a Man before I read this story, and I got to see Justinís actions before he starred in this book. From page one of Fruits of Betrayal, I hated the man and had to force myself to read on. Iím glad I did. Justin completely redeemed himself in my eyes, but I still donít like the heroine Elyse Greenwood. I wouldnít recommend this as a stand alone, but if youíve read Measure of a Man or the other books in the series, you wonít want to miss this one. His redemption made the agony of wanting to kill him worth it.


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