Frost and Flame by Stella and Audra Price

Eververse, Book 3

Tease Publishing

Paranormal / Horror

ISBN: 978-1-934678-57-2

Reviewed by Jo



What do you do when you have been exiled from your home?  Well, Prince Cassiel (Casha or Cash) has spent his time topside after trying to go insane and drink himself to death, hoping to gather allies and the souls he will need to go home again.  Cash is the rightful heir of the Conglacio Throne and while he knows that there is still a long, long way to go, Cash is beginning to make some headway.  Cash misses many things from the Afterverse, but most of all is the love of his life and child they lost. 

Princess Faris is the heir to the Cento throne and she lost everything that mattered to her thirteen years ago when Cash was exiled from the Afterverse.   Losing Cash was hard enough, but when she lost their child, it made her more determined to find a way to get back to where she belonged -- beside Cash.  Faris has accomplished part one of her plan in escaping her father and finding Cash. 

There is a lot of unrest in the Afterverse and several of the royal demons have come topside to get away or at least for a vacation.  Cash now has an extended family to care for besides trying to regain his rightful place in the Conglacio court.  Faris and Cash have teamed together once again to achieve this.  When several unexpected things happen, Cash begins to wonder if just maybe there is more on his side than even he hoped for.  When one misstep can lead to danger and death, Cash and Faris are preparing for the battle to come.

Cash and Faris are two demons with a plan to turn the Afterverse on its head and with a little luck, they just might succeed.  Frost and Flame begins right where book two ends, with Cash and Faris together again and living in the mansion.  I have been waiting for Cash’s story since first meeting him and it was so worth the wait.  It’s pretty unusual to be cheering for demons, but I had no choice in doing exactly that for Cash and Faris.  Ice and fire should be opposites, but in their case, the chill and the heat not only attract -- the combination brings a passion that time and distance couldn’t stop.   Frost and Flame is an excellent mixture of danger, humor, horror, and passion.  Paranormal readers who love their worlds with a twist will want to have this in their libraries.

If you have not read the Eververse books yet, I would suggest beginning at book one and read them in order, as they intertwine the world and characters all the way through.


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