Fortune's Honor by Jamie Craig

Amber Heat

Contemporary Western Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-192-0

Reviewed by Ley



Always putting family responsibilities and needs before his own, Clay Putnam gave up having a person life to look after the family ranch and his ailing mother.  He was alone and he was lonely, but he knew someone had to look after Good Fortune, the family ranch and out of the five brotherís he was willing to do it so his brothers could live their lives however they wanted.  He resigned himself to his lonely life, it was pretty much routine until his youngest brotherís fiancťe arrived.

Paige Murphy was slightly older than her fiancť Ty Putnam, but she couldnít help falling in love with his free spirit and boyish charm.  At Tyís suggestion Paige went to the ranch to spend her summer vacation away from being a teacher while Ty continued traveling the rodeo circuit.  Paigeís commitment to Ty is tested when she meets his older brother.  Clayís quiet charm and maturity draws Paige to him, and itís obvious he feels an attraction for her as well.  Out of their mutual love for Ty, they fight their temptation but some battles are meant to be lost.

This story is so great! I loved, loved, loved Clay, he is a beautiful and honorable man inside and out and Paige was made for him. Paige and Clay took time getting to know each other and the love blossomed naturally, of course neither one was looking for it or expecting it but thatís when you know itís real.  Fortuneís Honor is such a sweet and enjoyable story and I know many readers will just love it.


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