Fire on Ice by Deirdre O’Dare

Amber Allure

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-232-3

Reviewed by Lisa



In charge of a detail of men marching across the frozen wasteland of Gelada, Captain Bardon Welstaad wonders what the Universal Council sees in this ice-bound, barren planet.

Second-in-command Sergeant Gordon Farrell left a fight-for-your-life childhood for a career in Uni-Fleet over two decades ago and never looked back.  These days, however, he grows weary of the useless marching accompanied with freezing temperatures or other hostile climates for no reason he can fathom.

An attack by vicious snow wasps severely injures Bard, so Gordon takes charge and orders the men to make camp.  While treating Bard, Gordon fantasies about intimacies with his captain.  Same sex encounters seem to make the men involved disappear in Uni-Fleet.  When Bard begins to recover, they realize there is interest, but is it worth the risk of exposure?  Both must decide if sex and tender emotions are worth everything they have worked so hard to achieve. 

Fire on Ice showcased a possible future look at life in the military for men who love men even though the dangers are dire for the partners.  There is some excitement, but most often the story deals with Gordon and Bard’s thoughts.  Gordon and Bard are interesting characters, but neither are really true alpha types, more like equals.  I expected more action than introspective thoughts, but Fire on Ice is still a sexy and enjoyable story to read.


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