Fire in His Eyes By Stella and Audra Price

Elemental Dragons, Book 1

Tease Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: (13): 978-1-934678-12-1 Ebook

ISBN (13): 978-1-9734678-13-8 Print

Reviewed by Jo



Char, is one of the last fire dragons and along with the rest of remaining dragons left in the Eververse, has been hiding for a very long time.  However, Char has found the one person he is willing to reveal himself to and as luck would have it, she is a demon.  Demons tried, and almost succeeded, in wiping out the dragons.  Char decides to run the risk and begins sending secret gifts until he can meet the woman of his dreams.

Alcyone Sterling has discovered she has a secret admirer; one who seems to want to stay unknown.  As a succubus and the owner of Pinkys XXX club, Alcyone is very aware of the rules of seduction and the power it can have over a person.  Flowers and jewels are a good way to get to any woman, but when he appears and seduces her with blindfolds and a night she will never forget, Alcyone wants and needs to figure out just who has the type of energy she just experienced.

Char puts not only himself, but also the rest of his family at risk when he decides to pursue his mate.  Alcyone discovers just how unusual her lover is and when Char reveals all to her, Alcyone decides he and his love is worth the risk.  However, when the final showdown happens, can Alcyone, Char, and their love overcome? Or will they be destroyed by that very love?  A last minute secret weapon just might be the answer to everything.

Fire in His Eyes is the first book in yet another angle of the Eververse -- that of the last remaining elemental dragons.  Char is a fire dragon, one of the strongest of them all.  When he finds his destined mate, Alcyone, he only knows that he must claim her and tries to figure out the best way to do so.  Char and Alcyone seduce each other while working out how they could be together and not jeopardize the remaining dragons.  I was fascinated by not only the world that Alcyone and Char live in now, but the world from which the dragons escaped long ago.  Fire in His Eyes gave me yet another insight into the mysterious world called the Eververse.  I fell for the gruff Char and the happy-go-lucky Alcyone and there was absolutely no way I could not hope and cheer for them as I turned the last page.  The Price sisters have come up with yet another winning series in their Eververse world. I will be waiting, not so patiently, for the remaining dragons to make their appearance.


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