Finding Cupid By Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Elloraís Cave

Romantic Comedy Fantasy M/M Interaction

ISBN: 9781419912528

Reviewed by Ley



To complete her final exam, part of the assignment sends Lulu from Mt. Olympus, where she is a student at Cupid Academy, to Earth where she encounters Cupid, but not the one she was looking to find. Lulu is not one with good luck on her side, her not very smooth trip to earth results in her losing her travel bag which contained important information, such as how to find Cupid and her garments to make herself invisible to mortals. Stumbling upon the flower shop aptly named Cupidís Headquarters Lulu thinks her luck is changing when she finds Dakin Cupid behind the counter.

Dake could not believe his eyes when the frantic near naked blond comes rushing into his brotherís flower shop. For the macho mechanic being stuck behind the counter of a flower shop was a fate worse than death, but suddenly things werenít looking so bad.

Finding Cupid is another hysterically funny read by Daisy Dexter Dobbs. Lulu finds herself in one crazy situation and Dake is more than happy to help her out. I was shaking my head and the words Ďoh my gosh' were repeated constantly as I read this story. It is hilarious and sweet and I enjoyed it.  Jeb, Dakinís brother is awesome.  I love their relationship, they are such opposites and have the typical sibling fights but they are also very supportive of each other.  Finding Cupid is fun and itís a book I certainly see myself reading more than once.


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