Fijian Fling by Sami Lee

Midsummer Night’s Steam

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Romance, Contemporary

ISBN: 1-59998-580-2

Reviewed by Erys



Tired of her career and dumped by her boyfriend, Sophie needs this vacation more than she needed it any of the other years she came to this same island retreat. Although those times she hadn’t been alone. She’d been with the jerk.

Nick, the owner of the resort, has always flirted with her and hinted that he’d like more, but now that she’s here alone, he’s turned up the heat.

Fijian Fling is filled with plenty of interludes and intense interactions between Sophie and Nick. I liked that there was an established history between the two, but had hoped for a bit more heat. I didn’t like how it started in her point of view and then switched to his without filling me in. I felt as if I was missing something because she went from cold to hot and I never found out why she changed her mind. I really liked the ending, and how the heroine acted. Except for that one scene I wasn’t clear on, I enjoyed this story.


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