Feline Heat by Madelaine Montague

New Concept Publishing

Shifter Romance/Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60394-157-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Kate is just not having a good period in her life.  She is still being forced to work in a strip club to work off the debts of her former boyfriend. Boy can she pick them.  Now the crazy Russian she works with is insisting that she perform with two large cats.  Oh and not the domestic kind, he has brought in a Siberian tiger and African lion.  While he has them drugged it is still too dangerous for Kate, and she feels sorry for the poor animals.  One night she decides to let them go, and sneaks in to open their cages.

Sergi and Silvair are stunned by the gorgeous cat lady, but the drugs are making them so foggy they can’t shift to their human shells, nor can they figure out why the female doesn’t really look like any cat they know.  But, one night they find their cage open and take off. 

Kate’s luck continues as she goes back to the club in time to see the two most gorgeous men running away, in a hail of bullets.  They take her with them and escape into the forest.  Kate is drawn to both of them but why do their eyes seem familiar.  More importantly where are the tiger and lion?

Feline Heat was one smoking hot story about finding love in all the wrong places, when you least expect it and even potentially with more than one person. Readers need to beware that here is one major sexual scene that was non-consensual and takes place when one of the characters was in were form. This did not bother me and in fact I felt it helped to set the story very well. I enjoyed the journey that Ms. Montague took us on through growing friendships and spicy hot sex scenes. I will look for other stories by Ms. Montague again, and you need to pick up Feline Heat soon if the blurb interests you, and the warning doesn't scare you off.


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