Far From Home Anthology by Madeleine Urban

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Sci-fi

ISBN: 978-0-9815084-1-2

ISBN: 978-0-9815084-0-5

Reviewed by Ley




Scientist Dr. Ryne Silar is on a mission to prevent the V3s, a genetically enhanced military of the future, from taking over the government.  His and engineer Dr. Cary Matthews attempts to stop them go wrong sending the doctors on the run.  Near to being captured, the doctors’ only hope is the soldiers who were cryogenically frozen over 50 years ago.  Out of the 10 ten soldiers only 2 have survived the deep sleep.  Will these soldier, also enhanced with super abilities, be enough to help destroy the V3s and prevent them being created ever again?

“Enhanced” is an action packed, edge of your seat thrill.  Nighthawk and Brimstone, the newly awaken soldiers, come alive in more ways than one.  I really liked this story; it’s very imaginative and entertaining.


“Close Encounter”

Making a routine delivery with the help of his new co-pilot Mills, space privateer Tris is surprised to find his live cargo is for human research, worse yet, it’s humans infected with a deadly disease that could destroy the human race.  Before he could unload the cargo with the help of Mills and Rey, the military medic accepting the shipment, an alien attack forces them to leave their cargo except for one patient, a young man named Retter.  Retter may be the only hope to save civilization, the key to the cure and possibly Tris’ heart.

I enjoyed “Close Encounters”.  I felt for Retter and the lonely life he led and how a simple touch was like the world was given to him.  The action and suspense of the story is good and well paced for a story of this length.  Alien fights and saving the world makes “Close Encounters” a really good read.


“Following the Sun”

Crashing their spacecraft on a strange planet Jack and Samuel find themselves embraced by the natives of the Lan'do'tay tribe.  Living amongst them and learning their language and culture Jack and Samuel quickly become attached to the beautiful new world and the two natives who took them into their homes and their beds.  Soon their peaceful existence is threatened by illness and war that may force them to leave their new home.

“Following the Sun” is sweet, loving and sad. I enjoyed it a lot and hated for it to end, I wanted more. The interaction between Jack and Samuel with the natives that rescued them is so sweet, there are sweet moments throughout this story. Arl’ban and Lan’do are infatuated by the strangers to their world and they took really good care of them.


Far From Home is a great anthology mixing sci-fi action and romance, all three of the stories are really good.  I like Madeleine Urban’s imagination and creativity however her constant use of a character’s occupation or some type of descriptive pronoun instead of the person’s name can be distracting to the point of annoying in some instances especially in intimate situations. Aside from that I enjoy her work and Far From Home was well worth reading.


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