Familiar Magic by Misa Izanaki

Taste Test

Torquere Press

Gay Romance/Fantasy/Paranormal Anthology

ISBN: (13) 978-1-60370-171-6; (10) 1-60370-171-0

Reviewed by Sabella



“All the Better to Eat You With…”

Kylar just spectacularly messed up his test to be granted Journeyman status at the wizard academy.  Now, fearing the worst Kylar decides to leave before they throw him out. While running away Kylar encounters someone that will upend his life – all in unexpected but magical ways…

“All the Better to Eat You With…” is a funny and charming story about a wizard, his familiar and how love is the most magical thing in the world.


“Lost and Found”

Alec hates telling his patients’ owners bad news and with Valen there was nothing but that.  However, as Alec grows closer to Valen will Alec be able to mend Valen’s broken heart?

“Lost and Found” highlights how life will sometimes close a door for you that leads to the known and familiar but open another that will take you on an adventure if you take the chance.  Alec and Valen are charming men that will capture your imagination.



Teryn has no idea what he’s gotten into when he gets Dante, a demon, when Teryn casts a spell to summon a familiar.  As they engage in a contest of wills with sex as the battlefield who will win – Teryn the mage or Dante the incubus?

Teryn and Dante are lava hot in Submission” but as we discover that things are not as they seem, the temperature keeps climbing.  Submission is a fun and sexy romp that will delight and entertain you.


Taste Test: Familiar Magic is a great group of stories by Misa Izanaki that show different takes on magic and its effect on the lives of the men who wield it.  From the magic of love to the magic of wizardry these stories will entertain you and turn you on. Taste Test: Familiar Magic is a good read for a time when taking a step away from reality is what you are looking for.


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