Fairytale Bride by Michelle Chambers

English Tea Rose

The Wild Rose Press

Time Travel Romance

Reviewed by Katherine



Maddie had come to Harcles Hill Farm based on her fatherís dying wish.  He wanted her to help Sarah.  Who she was, Maddie didnít know.  In fact, she couldnít even be certain what he had said was not part of his confusion.  Still, she had come here.

But Cameron also came, and threatened Maddie.  She managed to escape based on the stories her father had told her about the blue moon, and itís magic while walking in itís light at midnight.  Maddie manages to escape, to the same place, but at a different time.

There, she finds Sarah.  She also finds a way to help her, based on her introduction to the Earl of Ruglen.

Fairytale Bride  is a story of a woman trying to save herself, while still honoring her fatherís last request.  There is suspense, mystery, royalty, and familial bonding.  I only wish that the story had been a bit longer as I could see great potential, but I ended up feeling that it was too crammed with intrigue and complex issues.  As a result, I just wasnít able to connect with the characters. 

This work is also available in print.


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