Escape by Jade Falconer

Heatsheet Fury



ISBN: 1-59426-957-2

Reviewed by Erys



Derek feels neglected.  Even when he tries to instigate a romantic encounter with his live-in boyfriend, Jeremy, he gets the cold shoulder.  What else can he do? 

A friend convinces him to answer an online ad for an anonymous one-night stand.  When he does, he gets more than he bargained for.

Escape is a read that will catch you by surprise.  The sex in this story is scorching, but I didn't like the way both characters were guilty of something and while one apologized and felt remorse, the other wasn't even reprimanded for being at fault also.  I know this is BDSM and Dom/sub, but I felt that even the Dom should be held responsible for his actions.  I will give the author another try, but perhaps not one in this style.


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