Enthralled: Candace and Ares The Divine, Book One by Nadia Aiden


Sci-Fi/Fantasy Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-0-595-90564-5

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Queen Candace of Kush needs to rebuild her world after an ongoing war with Akkadia.  So when she receives a secret invitation from Ares, King of Akkadia, she is receptive about working together towards a peaceful resolution.  What she does not expect is to have her socks knocked off by a man who is her enemy.

Ares takes a well-planned risk to meet the Amazon Queen.  Prior to the war, Akkadia and Kush enjoyed a harmonious and productive existence, which abruptly ended when a visiting dignitary was killed on Kush.  From the moment he first sees her, Ares can only think of devouring Candace.

Candace and Ares agree to a treaty, but they are realistic about the opposition they must face together.  Old hostilities and hatred still run rampant on both sides.  The newlyweds are faced with their own internal battles as they strive to forge a relationship.  If they do not show a united front, their enemies will destroy everything they are working to achieve for both planets.

I read Enthralled in one sitting.  The plot is tried and true, but the sci-fi setting added fresh gloss to the story. I enjoyed the premise about the importance of family and relationships.  The love scenes threatened to melt my hard drive!  Ms. Aiden does an amazing job with the fight scenes.  She balances the Amazons by making them strong and independent women that come across as sensual and feminine.  The men are quite masculine and very assertive.  The characters are all gorgeous and multicultural/multiethnic in appearance, which adds an interesting contrast.  I look forward to reading more as this series progresses further.

This work is also available in print.


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