Enough By Nicole Austin

Ellora's Cave

M/F/M/Ménage Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419913426

Reviewed by Ley



Christine Graham is fed up with her nasty insulting soon to be in laws.   She loves Gray and wants to marry him but this is not the wedding she wanted and these are not the people she wants to be around.  Unable to take one more insult, Christine turned tail and ran leaving her fiancé standing at the alter.

Grayson Rothschild wanted to know why Christine left him on their wedding day.  He enlisted the help of his best friend and best man Jamie to help him make things right with Christine again.

I found the connection between Gray and Christine to be beautiful and real, and if the story was just about them without the added twist of the ménage I would have been satisfied with that.  I felt the threesome was forced and out of place with the story and it took away from the romance of Enough.  And to be perfectly honest, even though it is sometimes easier to tell your misery to a stranger, I couldn't see any reason why Christine was unable to speak to Gray about her feelings instead of Jamie. 


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