Emergence by Marie Harte

Amber Heat

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-186-9

Reviewed by Lisa



In Marksdale Il. The Perimore Corp. is a major industry and employer with one small department given the title of the Nox Squad.  Deacon Cain and Oscar ‘Oz” Williams are just two of the men in the Nox Squad who specialize in hunting down and capturing rogue vampires.

Too late to save her vampire mentor from a traitor, Hope Bradley has documentation which proves the local mayor and the reviled Perimore Corp. are wrongly caging and destroying innocent vampires.

First Deacon spots Hope at a shoot out and later Deacon and Oz confront Hope and try to figure out who is truly corrupt and who is innocent.  They all have major secrets they’ve been hiding for years, secrets that could mean the difference between life and death.  Perhaps the phrase is right though that the truth will set you free?

Emergence is a total roller coaster ride of excitement, intrigue and extremely hot lovemaking.  Lovers of a good, solid paranormal tale will definitely enjoy this latest story from author Marie HarteStrong alpha characters both male and female enrich this engrossing tale.  The one negative I found is that a lot of information is given very quickly and I was scrambling to catch up while the story forged ahead.  Otherwise it is a really good story and I’m hoping that other members of the Nox Squad get their own turn to headline because all the characters in Emergence jump off the page and deserve to be heard.


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