Elizaís Copper Penny by Ciara Gold

Champagne Books


ISBN: 1897261411

Reviewed by Scarlet



Eliza Woodpen has been living a lie in Banjo for the past three years.  Running from her past, she has made a life of sorts for herself as a schoolteacher in the small Texas town.  The townsfolk welcome her and she is just getting comfortable when a newspaper headline lets her know the past is going to catch up with her and her lies are about to be uncovered.  It doesnít help matters much when two of her students bring a wounded man to her door, a man who could be the one to unlock her closely guarded secrets.

Copper Reeves is a Texas Ranger.  He is after an escaped murderer named Jake Nolan and his search leads him to the manís brother, Tabor Nolan, in the town of Banjo.  When his stake-out on Taborís place gets him shot in the butt by a six-year-old kid, he is taken to the home of the prim and proper schoolteacher that intrigued him in town.  Though she agrees to nurse him back to health he feels she is hiding something other than his presence in her home.  What will happen when danger darkens her door?  What will happen when he must go after the outlaw whose brother saved his hide? 

Banjo, Texas is the setting for a western tale of intrigue and romance.  Set in the 1870s, author Ciara Gold brings the lawless frontier to life in Elizaís Copper Penny. 

Copper is a Texas Ranger who intrigued me from the outset of the book; his freckles and red hair are a constant drawback to looking like a tough bounty hunter, and the sparkle in his eye as he deals with Eliza make him all the more personable.  When he flirts with the schoolteacher in town, it suddenly makes Eliza aware of herself as a desirable woman and though she must hide her true identity she cannot help but be drawn to Copperís openly devilish ways.  The pair has a chemistry that sizzles whenever they are together and the attraction is a believable one.  The lawless Texas landscape is brought to vivid life by author Ciara Gold and made this reader a part of the story.  The action keeps pace as the story progresses, with enough twists and turns to keep this reader guessing till the climax.  If you are a fan of western romance, you will thoroughly enjoy Elizaís Copper Penny.  I enjoyed it so much I purchased the authorís backlist right away.


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