Earth Girls Arenít Easy by Jaide Fox

New Concepts Publishing

Humorous Futuristic Romance

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Chyna Lin is captured by alien warrior king of Attar, Darion Jatara, who offers her an ultimatum - become his concubine and bear his heirs or live out the rest of her days on a penal colony.  As an Earth resistance fighter, she decides to go for the first choice because she plans to be long gone.   Little does she know that she has more than met her match this time!

Darion Jatara knows that it is great to be the king, and in this case, his power is absolute.  From the moment he sets eyes on Chyna, he knows that she is the perfect woman for continuing his dynasty, even if he is not aware of his true motives for choosing her.  He cannot wait for the bedroom battles to begin and is primed to anticipate her every move.  What he does not foresee, however, is how quickly his emotions become entangled. 

Earth Girls Arenít Easy is a hot, rambunctious romp!  Ms. Fox pours Chyna into the action, and this sassy Earth gal finds herself in some crazy, kooky situations.  The humor does not take anything away from the scorching one-on-one trysts between the sheets either.  Darion is unpredictable, and he appears to be nothing but a pompous jerkóat first.  His attempts to protect and win Chyna are endearing without the syrupy sappiness. 

While I didnít want the story to end, I couldnít wait to see how it would all turn out.   The only downside was I wanted to know more about Chyna and Darion and the full history of the conflict between the aliens and humans on Attar.   Earth Girls Arenít Easy is a funny, fast-paced and sexy thrill for anyone who is looking to get their required daily dose of laughter and love. 

Note:  This is a reissue.  It was previously released as part of the Tripping Through the Universe anthology.


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