Dream Traveler by Adele Dubois

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914720

Reviewed by Erys




A tired husband, and a horny wife. Sometimes even when you’re in love things can build a wall that seems insurmountable.

Emily loves her husband, but she longs for a man who can keep up with her increased sex drive. Since she won’t cheat on her husband, the contest to win a dream vacation seems ideal. A weekend on an island paradise should spice up their love life like nothing else could.

Once she actually wins the contest, Emily realizes there is only a ticket for one, and her sexual fantasies were used to determine her suitability for the sex resort. Cursing the fine print, Emily finds herself with nothing left to do but go on the trip. But will she be able to stay faithful to her husband while surrounded by the very things she’d been fantasizing about?

Dream Traveler is a spicy yet sweet romance that left me breathing a sigh of relief at the satisfying ending. Adele Dubois’ characters are endearing. She crafts her story in such a way that she tiptoes around a touchy subject, and pulls off the story without offending my morals. I’m one of those rigid believers that there is no excuse for cheating on a spouse. As I began to read this story I started to panic that I’d accidentally picked up a book that I wouldn’t want to finish. However, the characters had already captivated me, and I continued to read. Though I was on the edge of my seat a few times, I was very pleased with the way Ms. Dubois’ characters handled themselves and their situation. I am going to look for more titles by this author.


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