Dreams of You by Campbell del Rio

The Lotus Circle

Suspense Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419980015

Reviewed by Ley



Leilani Wakefield has a special gift, she can see the future in her dreams.  Learning to control her gift and interpret the meaning of the dreams she’s able to help the local police solve some of their unsolvable crimes.  The process was pretty routine, and after relaying her findings to the local police or to whomever they were pertinent to, the dream was put behind her.  Lately she’s been having a recurring dream about a man who needed help, he was begging her to help him.  Having trouble interpreting the meaning of this dream and also only seeing the man’s eyes and nothing more she looks to the past to help connect this dream to future events.

Leilani acquires the help of The Lotus Circle, and through regression therapy she learns that the man in her dreams has been a huge part of her past lives.  She needs to find him and save him to ensure he will be a part of her future.

reams of You tackles some major obstacles and deal with social prejudices, beliefs and superstitions of the past, and sadly some that still exists in today’s world.  Leilani’s determination to save the man in her dreams whom she has no clue who he is or what he looks like takes her back in time to past lives that all have tragic endings.  Each life is connected through abuse and prejudice, the man she loves is named Joseph, but he is from a different nationality in each life, starting with a Black Saint Domingue (pre-Haiti time) slave who become friends with the white plantation owner’s daughter, doomed lovers of the Salem witch trials, and an Indian who falls in love with the battered wife of a rancher in the Wyoming wilderness.  Dreams of You, is a story that is full of twists and turns and has the additional twist of Joseph having dreams about Leilani, but unlike Leilani’s dreams he can see the face of the person he is dreaming about.  This is a very heavy read and it had me thinking about it long after I finished reading it.


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