Dreams For Stones by Ann Warner

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-712-0

Reviewed By Tori



Alan Francini is an English professor and part time rancher in Denver Colorado.  Day by day he goes through the motions of living, suffering from losing his wife a few years earlier in a freak accident.  When the college he teaches at hires a guest teacher to teach one of his classes, Alan has a hard time not being attracted to her.  Can he move out of the past and into his future?

Kathleen Jamison is an editor for a book company that prints children’s books.  After being dumped by her fiancé on a trip to see him Kathy retreats into a shell.  When she first meets and instantly dislikes Alan she never suspected he would be the one to teach her how to love again.

Dreams for Stones is wonderfully gripping.  Each character’s pain drips through the pages and it inspires you to hold onto your loved ones even closer.  Once I got started on this book I could not stop reading it and I held my breath right to the end. 


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