Dragon Prince by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Heir, Book 5

Changeling Press

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-773-2

Reviewed by Lisa



On his 21st birthday, the Southerlin Prince Kevan is literally hiding in his rooms at the Wind Castle.  Kevanís mother, Queen Melgara has once again assembled a gaggle of young women for him to look over with the hope that at least one will spark his interest.

This latest gig, stripping at a gay bar, should give Cal just enough money to go back to Boston very soon.  With any luck he will be able to leave Marco and all the bad memories behind as well.

Kevan uses the winds to thwart the destiny his mother has laid out for him and lands himself in an incredible adventure and the arms of love.  Cal figures he is a magnet for abusive boyfriendís and plans to swear off men for a long time until he sees a man who makes his heart race and his body quiver.  Destiny is having a fine time with these two men.

Fans of the Dragonís Heir series rejoice in this latest offering from author Sierra Dafoe as The Dragon Prince is a sexy and entertaining addition.  This book can stand alone so new readers shouldnít hesitate to give The Dragon Prince a try. Carnal encounters, humor and wit, plus Kevanís awakening sexuality and a rape which fits the plotline are woven into this intricate and endearing story.  The only frown Iíve got is the brusque manner in which the men figure out they are in love, itís just very abrupt. But donít let that blip deter readers from an otherwise enjoyable adventure.  Plus, I canít wait for the next story to see how Kevan explains Cal to his mother, the Queen!


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