Double Take By Tawny Taylor

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419914454

Reviewed by Ley



Giving into her fantasy to be sexually submissive, Fallon asks a friend to set her up with a Dom.  Instead of one master, Fallon ends up with two sexy Doms, Wrath and Fury.  Totally turned on by what they do to her, Fallon finds herself wanting more and more.  Before Wrath and Fury can give Fallon all she wants there are secrets they have to reveal to her and decisions Fallon will need to make.

Double Take was okay, I wasnít blown away by it but I liked some aspects of it.  I would have liked to know more about Wrath and Fury's (aka Kade and Zaneís) history.  I felt the story was going for the dramatics and more history on how Kade and Zane lived through and dealt with a certain situation would have accomplished that.  I do like that the author, Tawny Taylor, wrote an epilogue.  However, I was disappointed with some aspects of it because again it felt as if Ms. Taylor was going for dramatics and there was some information that I felt didnít need to be included, it tainted my final feelings on the story.


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