Double Dragon by Sierra Dafoe

Dragonís Heir, Book 6

Changeling Press

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-971-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Dragon Prince Kevan has returned to Djarera, to his home at the Wind Castle and his responsibilities to pick a female dragon mate and reproduce.  There are just a few little problems. Kevan has brought Cal, a male lover, home, and none of the females to choose from interest Kevan sexually.

From the day Kevan comforted her in her darkest moment when they were both children, Melina Westron has loved him.  Melina accepts that her love is one-sided and knows that among the other brightly dressed and sexy looking ladies, she fades into the background.  Thereís no chance Kevan will remember her.

Queen Melgara insists that Cal remain hidden since Kevan refuses to give him up.  The two men hatch a plot to appease the Queen and all the ladies gathered and waiting for one to be picked to wed the Prince.  Lies, deceit, and false identities trap the men in a web of deception when Melina enters the picture permanently.  The truth needs to be told before itís too late, before emotions like love become involved.

Fans of the Dragonís Heir series wonít be disappointed with Double Dragon, a wickedly hot, character-driven story of lust and love.  This is easily a stand alone story, though I think readers shouldnít miss the rest of this fun and sexy series by author Sierra Dafoe.  I really liked the characters from wallflower Melina and sensitive Cal to arrogant Kevan who learns what love truly means.  Double Dragon has scorching hot sexual encounters, great characterization, and an overall enchanting plot, making this dragon a surefire winner.


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