Double Down by Reneé George

Viva Los Regalos Series, Book 1

Changeling Press

Futuristic Gay/Bisexual Shapeshifters

ISBN: 978-1-59596-053-5

Reviewed by Ley



Maxine Simms is a hardworking woman who’s not the type to spend frivolously or to do risqué spur of the moment things, but when her grandmother passed away and left clear instructions for Maxine to do something fun her inheritance money, Maxine honored her wishes.  She booked a trip to the most magical place she could think of, Los Regalos, the place where fantasies come true.  With the help of Nigel and Pacer, employees of the hotel she was staying at, she knew this would be the weekend of a lifetime.

Double Down is extremely interesting.  Maxine meets Nigel and Pacer; they are humes of this futuristic world and shapeshifters. They have the ability to alter their body parts and they do so in some very kinky and pleasurable ways.  Nigel and Pacer are at odds with each other as this story begins but their mutual attraction to the shy and klutzy Maxine and her innocent and caring interference leads to them resolving their past differences and giving Maxine her ultimate fantasy.  I liked Double Down and as I said it is very interesting and full of surprises, and even though it does have a happy ending it is so not what I was expecting.


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