Double Delicious by Christine France

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotic Romance/Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60272-210-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Suzie is having the worse day of her life.  She has lost her cat, her job, and now it appears the use of her house all in less than twelve hours.  Now she is sitting on her front steps daydreaming about her hunky neighbors.  She has always fantasized about them (including the three of them together), since she moved in, why should today be any different?  Since she figures she will just live on her porch until she can get back into her house, she is still there when the guys come home from work.  Only today, instead of seeming to ignore her, they come over to see what is going on.  They listen to her and take one look at each other and insist she stay with them across the street. 

Matt and Mike both have overcome rough upbringings and not only have they thrived but they have stayed true to each other.   While they love each other, they also have enough room in their life for the “right” woman to join them.  But, they wonder will Suzie be the one that is that “right” one?

Yummy men, is the first thought I have when I think about reading Double Delicious.  This is definitely one of those cases where two is better than one for our heroine, especially after the day she has had.  Ms. France has put together a fast paced tale that you will get sucked into quickly and will keep your interest until the end.  I was sorry to see it end; I wanted to read more about the three main characters in Double Delicious.


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