Djinni and the Geek by Cindy Spencer Pape

Ellora's Cave


ISBN 9781419913730

Reviewed by Jambrea


David Garvaglia is a professor and all-around geek.  Anissa is a Djinni who has been trapped in a puzzle box by an evil wizard for eight hundred years.  When the puzzle box is solved, Anissa is hoping this master will be the hero to set her free.  David is not the hero Anissa expected, but he seems to be the only one she wants.  Can she trust him to set her free? Will David be able to convince Anissa to trust him?

Cindy Spencer Pape does it again with Djinni and the Geek!  Ms. Pape knows how to wrap up a fairytale in a wonderful bow of intrigue, magic, and off-the-chart hot sex!  Ms. Pape had me in tears from laughter to heartache.  She knows how to make it so real.  Now she just needs to conjure up more so I can get my Ms. Pape fix!

Djinni and the Geek is a stand-alone book, but there are characters who appear from Ms. Pape’s earlier novel, Dragon in the System.


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