Diving in Deep by KA Mitchell

Samhain Publishing

Gay Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-896-8

Reviewed by Cassie



When he comes to Florida to do a safety training seminar, the last person Cameron Lewis expects to see is Noah Winthrop.  His best friend’s little brother is all grown up and sexier than ever, but Cameron’s not sure if he should be pleased to see him.  After all, Noah’s longtime crush on him led to their one night together after his friend’s wedding, and he isn’t exactly proud of the way he handled himself the next morning. 

Noah is more than pleased when he meets Cameron again, and he’s never forgotten his first real crush—or the way he felt when Cam disappeared on him after their night together.  Cam is still attracted to him as well, and they end up in bed.  Unfortunately, Noah begins to realize that he wants more from Cam than just one night.  Will this be a repeat of the last time they were together? Or can they get it right this time?

This clinches it.  I am now officially a KA Mitchell fangirl.  I liked her stuff before, but she’s proven she’s more than a one-hit wonder with Diving in Deep!  I loved Noah, who was, by turns, confident and insecure.  The slow maturing of his feelings from youthful crush to adult love was sweet to read.  Despite Cameron’s commitment-phobia, I liked and sympathized with him as well.  The love scenes were well-written and hot, and the emotions developing between Noah and Cam made them even more enjoyable to read.  I went through bouts of happiness, sadness, and anger right along with the characters as they struggled their way from a weekend to a relationship.  If you’re in the mood for a read with two hot men, great love scenes, and lots of emotion, don’t hesitate to pick up Diving in Deep, but be warned—you won’t want to put it down!


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