Divine Seduction by Adrianna Dane

Tales of the Kama Sutra: Azurene

Amber Quill Press

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60272-157-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Youngest child of the High Lord Guardian of the Desert, Elita Watende is a spirited, fiery redheaded sprite filled with passion and stubbornness in equal measure.

Elita is betrothed to the Lord Guardian Raoul Duarte, who dwells beside the ocean to the North.  Adventures from kidnapping to lessons in lovemaking face Elita from enemies to new found friends alike as she travels the road to her future and learns what it means to truly be a woman.

A young woman’s introduction to sexual awakening is the premise of Azurene: Divine Seduction.  The story begins with intrigue and danger for the heroine and then turns to teaching her about sexual gratification and desire.  I enjoyed the exciting start but then it slows down with basic sex lessons and the ending is no surprise.  A unique setting and pleasant characters without any real sizzle or thrills to make it special.


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