Digging Up the Past by Sandi Brackeen

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419911798

Reviewed by Jo



Who do you send in when a crime or matter seems to have magic involved?  Why, the Department of Unusual Events (DUE), which is part of Homeland Security.  It's also why Riley Perez is now undercover as a college student working for a professor to pay the bills.  Riley is an empath and is from a shifter family.  The case of a missing artifact and a threatened kidnapping was beginning to look like a flop when things heated up and an attempted kidnapping happens with bad consequences.  Now, on top of dealing with her job, Riley has to deal with her attraction to the other owner of Cerberus Security who has come on the job.  Cameron Delany is one of the co-owners of Cerberus Security and has just come off another job into the case just as it heats up.  Cameron is a werewolf and an alpha one at that.  Cerberus Security was hired to keep the professorís family safe.

Riley and Cameron have to work very closely together and with the DUE and his company to figure out all the suspects and to solve the mystery before a little girl is hurt.  Riley has grown up believing the worst about weres and has trouble when she tries to compare what she is feeling and learning about Cameron and his siblings, with what she has always believed is true.  Cameron knows his feelings about Riley are increasing the more they work together.  He is determined to help her anyway possible so that they can wrap up this case and be free to explore the feelings they are both having.  Now they just have to find the artifact, make it safe, and deliver it to the correct people and, of course, stop the person behind it all.

Digging Up the Past has aspects of suspense, paranormals of various types, missing artifacts, murder, and best of all, smoldering attraction between Riley and Cameron.   Riley and Cameron are faced with a case of a missing artifact that has a magical past and could cause major problems if the wrong person gets a hold of it.  The attraction between Riley and Cameron is immediate and heats up all the way through until they canít handle the flames anymore.  I found the way Riley and Cameron dealt with their attraction and their professional obligations to be no more than what I would expect with professionals.  They smoldered, they exploded, and yet they still did their jobs to the best of their abilities.  While Riley and Cameron have not reached the point of happy ever after, they are well on that path.  Digging Up the Past had several things going on that kept my attention on the plot.  While this specific mystery was solved, I truly hope that Ms. Brackeen brings back the characters from DUE and Cerberus Security.  Not only would I love to know what happens with Riley and Cameron, but I'd also like to see more about the other characters who played major roles.  Digging Up the Past is a great book for any paranormal lover who likes a good suspense story.


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