Devils on Horseback - Jake by Beth Williamson

Devils on Horseback, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Western Historical

ISBN: 1-59998-899-2

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jake Sheridan is the charmer of the group. Easygoing, friendly, handsome - these are the traits people see on the outside.  On the inside, especially when cornered, Jake is still experiencing post traumatic stress from the war and being a prisoner.  When he and his fellow Devils are asked to help save a town, Jake knows something is up besides the town just needing protection.  A former thief and a very good one, he vows to get to the bottom of the mystery.  That is, if he can keep Gabrielle Rinaldi occupied. 

The local miller’s daughter, Gabrielle Rinaldi speaks her mind and does what she wants.  When the mayor of her drying up town introduces the last remaining citizens to the four men on horseback, telling the people that these men are willing to help with whatever needs to be done, Gabby knows something else is up, and her mind is such that she has to get to the bottom of it.  Her first quarry is Jake Sheridan. 

Gabby and Jake can’t keep their hands and lips off each other.  While both have secrets they want to stay hidden, they both experience extreme emotions in times of stress.  It isn’t until their lives are on the line that both are able to trust in the other. 

Beth Williamson gets me every time…every single time.  Each book I read from her is better than the last and Devils on Horseback - Jake is no exception.  My heart ached for Jake from the very first scene when he was experiencing stress while hiding from the former Army officer who was looking for them.  Vowing never to go back to jail alive, I believe he meant just that.  Coming from an Irish/Italian family myself, I loved his and Gabby's relationship - hot, fiery, passionate and loving.  When those two fell in love, nothing else mattered.

Devils on Horseback – Jakeis the second installment to this series.  While I feel it stands alone, there are a couple of instances where former characters are mentioned, and I feel the first book of the series, Devils on Horseback – Nate, should be read prior to Jake's story.  Beth Williams has me hooked and I am ready for the next Devil on Horseback!


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