Desperate Alliance by Robie Madison

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914348

Reviewed by Indy



On a government sponsored mission to catch a PHF traitor, Hallie Clearwater, a human with cellular enhanced robotics, knew the prisoner she was sent to receive was only a means to an end. At first glance Daniel Highcliff doesn’t look like the convicted killer he is but Hallie can tell there is more to him than the darkened bruises covering his body. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit Daniel is less than enthusiastic to assist the people responsible for the hell he’s gone through. Not a fool he grasps a new chance to clear his name and if he has to use Hallie to do it, then oh well. As Hallie and Daniel go back to an Earth continually ravished by the politics of bigotry, this time non-enhanced humans against enhanced. Daniel and Hallie will have to get past issues of distrust, hidden and seen enemies if they both plan on making it through this investigation alive.

In a scientifically enhanced world where some humans no longer just accept deformities but allow advancements in science to allow them to lead lives their predecessors could never imagine, the story of Hallie, a woman on a mission and Daniel, a man who’s spirit couldn’t be extinguished even in the most heinous of situations, is one that I found gripping.  Desperate Alliance is an interesting mix of suspense and science fiction. Robie Madison did an excellent job of creating an interesting story that was seductive but not so that you couldn’t see past the passion to the actual plot. Ms. Madison’s story is just a reminder that a great storyline is just as valuable as the addictive lure of amorous copulating. 


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