Desire Beyond Death by Isabelle Rowan, Chrissy Munder, Connie Bailey, Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban

Dreamspinner Press

Anthology Gay Erotica Supernatural

ISBN: 978-0-9801018-4-3

ISBN: 978-0-9801018-5-0

Reviewed by Ley



“Ink: The Tale of a Vampire in Melbourne” by Isabelle Rowan

Needing to be touched without fear being involved and loneliness led Dominic to enter a tattoo parlor for ink that wouldn’t last a day on his skin.  Meeting Michael increases his feelings of loneliness, but knowing he has no real life or future to offer Michael, Dominic tries his best to keep him at a distance. Never having felt such strong emotions toward another being before, Michael is not letting the man who invaded his mind, body and soul leave his life without a fight.

“Ink: The Tale of a Vampire in Melbourne” is a beautifully written and very seductive story. The torture of wanting and denial felt by Dominic and Michael is very raw, I think Isabelle Rowan did a great job in portraying their feelings and having the reader feel them too. “Ink: The Tale of a Vampire in Melbourne” is a very enjoyable read


“After the Storm” by Chrissy Munder

Knowing he doesn’t have much time left to live, Vincent Poulsen, wants to live the little time he has left on his own terms.  Vincent takes up residence in an old lighthouse and soon finds he’s not alone.  Dying Vincent meets the already dead Captain Cason, a not so friendly ghost – at least not at first.

When I finished reading “After the Storm”, I sat back from my computer in awe. “After the Storm” is a fantastic story within a ghost story. This is not a romance, at least not by my definition but it is very pleasing, entertaining and heart-wrenchingly sad, and one I know I will be re-reading again and again.


“Revenant” by Connie Bailey

American Bo Andressen’s new contract takes him to Wales where his salvage crew will be working on an old castle that is full of secrets. There is intrigue, hidden treasure, an unsolved murder mystery and greed within the history of this castle.  With the help of psychic Tristan Andrews, as well as the owner of the castle and the local constable, the small town in Wales sets out to solve this mystery. No one is above suspicion, not even ghosts.

“Revenant” starts off rather harsh and I feel it jaded me for the rest of the story, I wasn’t expecting what happened and it was difficult for me to push past it.  As I continued to read the earlier events were essential to how this very detailed and complex ghost/mystery story unfolded and along with the mystery and violence there is romance and consensual hot erotic sex.  “Revenant” is an intriguingly haunting story that will stick with you long after you finish reading it.


“Seeing Is Believing” by Abigail Roux

“Who you gonna call?”  Ghostly situations must be handled by those familiar with such things. When Scott Cunningham realized he had a problem he knew exactly how to solve it.  Scott turned to Zachariah and his crew, professionals in matters such as this, Zack, Leo and Andy knew exactly how take care of evil spirits, much to Scott’s relief.

"Seeing is Believing" is awesome!  Abigail Roux did a great job with it.  I really like the narrative writing style in which it was written. “Seeing is Believing” is quite different, and it’s has a fantastic twist to it, I enjoyed it and I know others will too.


“Bittersweet” by Madeleine Urban

Harrison Holden’s life needs a change and one for the better.  His life is suddenly falling apart around him and to makes matter worse, he’s now seeing ghosts.  Piers ghostly spirit entered Harrison’s life just when he needed someone the most, giving him reason to want to live life and not just exist in it. 

“Bittersweet” is sweet and sad. I’m happy that Harrison finally finds happiness in life but sad it’s with a ghost or is it just his imagination either way it’s not real. Harrison is such a sweet guy and Piers is the fun loving spirit (no pun intended) he needs within his life. Banking on Madeleine Urban and her being my happily ever after queen I was hoping there was a twist that would leave Harrison in a state with some happiness.  Ms. Urban has not let me down yet.  “Bittersweet” is great and fits well within this anthology.


Desires Beyond Death is chock full of wonderful writers who wrote stories that made me cry, hate, love and some even freaked me out. I’m quite certain many readers will find one or more favorites within this anthology that they will want to read many times over just as I have.


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