Demon of her Dreams by Sherrill Quinn

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal/ Halloween

ISBN: 9781419913563

Reviewed by Indy



Working undercover for Sassy Devils Inc. an organization where both good and evil work together to control how supernatural beings interact with humans, Urian is long past ready to go back to his permanent job as an incubus. His undercover assignment sends him back into the dreams of Hailey, a human whose sleep he invaded for years before leaving on his current assignment. Hailey is sure sheís finally lost her last remaining marble. How else can she explain that her dream lover is suddenly here in the flesh and claiming to be the son of Lucifer here to protect her from creatures such as Gargoyles and rogue angels?

Angels, demons, vamps and more is just some of what Demon of her Dreams brings forth for readers to enjoy. In a story that brings together the best and worst of Godís beings for the common good of man, Urian and Hailey are a match made in hell, and I mean that in a good way of course. Surprisingly sweet considering heís the son of a misunderstood Devil, Urian is all you would expect of a incubus: handsome and with a thriving libido. Hailey, who complemented him in every way, was cute and filled with extreme courage considering some of the situations she found herself in as a result of their relationship. Sherrill Quinn story is something light hearted and fun and one Iím sure readers will enjoy.


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