Deep Cover by Anna J. Evans

Ellora's Cave

Light Bondage / Futuristic

ISBN:  9781419915147 

Reviewed by Jambrea



Calen is going undercover at a violent S & M parlor for aliens.  Samantha, his best friend and partner, is going in with him as his sub, but Calen isnít happy about it.  He wants to keep Samantha safe and he fears heíll lose control. 

Being a submissive is not something Samantha is wild about.  She is dominant in and out of bed, but sheíll do anything to keep her partner safe.   Samantha fears for Calen, but what she doesnít know about the mission could hurt both of them.

Will Calenís secret hurt Samantha?  Will Samantha find that she likes being a sub more than she thought possible?

Deep Cover is sizzling hot!   Samantha and Calen almost melted my monitor.  They way the two become focused on just each other when everyone is watching made me need a fan!  Anna J. Evans portrayed Samanthaís struggle with the role of being submissive wonderfully.  Samantha is so used to being in charge, it was hard for her to give up control.  Calen is hot enough to make anyone submit!  I loved it when Samantha realized she wanted more from Calen than just friendship.  Ms. Evans has me hooked.  I canít wait to read more of what she has to offer.


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