Dark Sentinel by Melissa Lopez


Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-893-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Lash has crashed into an unfamiliar place and time. He is waiting for the demons to show themselves and commence torturing him again when he feels the tender touch and caring voice of Teva Gibson instead. Lash’s real name is Nicodemus, Teva calls him Nic.  It takes Nic a while to realize that Teva is not a demon and that she will not attack him. When Nic is pulled back to the Netherworld by the legion lords they explain, as they beat and break his body repeatedly, that he has been sent to earth to seduce then take Teva back to the Netherworld. Teva is good and kind and Nic refuses to send her to the tortuous bowels of hell. Nic may not have a choice because for as long as he can remember he has been a lost soul trapped in the Netherworld with no possible means of escape. How can he save Teva from the same fate?  Teva’s mother practiced magic and Teva is convinced that Nic needs protection from the dark secret he hides from her. Teva’s mother’s magic spells and Nic’s defiance and will to save Teva may not be enough to free them from the hordes of demons clamoring for their souls.

Dark Sentinel is an outstanding story. The macabre world Melissa Lopez has created is gripping and intriguing. Nic gives new meaning to the phrase “tortured hero.” His innocence and charm are very seductive. I adore him. Teva is smart, compassionate and pretty. Dark Sentinel is incredibly intense. The graphic depictions of perversity, torture and sadistic behavior in the Netherworld are fascinating. The sex between Nic and Teva is equally intense. Dark Sentinel is an erotic, romantic and very dark tale. I loved it and I can’t wait for the next in this series!


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