Dark Elves IV: Dissent by Jet Mykles

Dark Elves, Book 4

Loose Id

BDSM Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-298-1

Reviewed by Jo



Marisol and her brother, Geriman, are on the run.  Geriman has killed Marisolís husband and they know that justice will be after them.  They have traveled to a village by the Dark Forest.  Out of options and afraid they are also running out of time, they decide to trek through the forest even though they have been warned about the dark beings that live in it.  Marisol and Geriman are not only captured, but are abused with pleasure almost to the point of losing their lives when more of these dark people appear.

Jarak and his men are once again being sent out for rogues.  This time they find evidence that humans might have been taken, too.  Jarak and his men are able to locate not only the rouges, but also discover the two humans who are clinging to life.  He orders that Marisol and Geriman are to be taken home with them, but no one is sure what will happen once they get there.   Marisol awakens and finds herself greatly attracted to Jarak even after all she has been through. However, she has her brother to think about, too.  History says that the humans should be treated one way, but things have been changing within the Raedjour (Dark Elves) and history isnít so cut and dried anymore.  Marisol and Jarak have an attraction that is getting deeper by the day, so are the decisions being made going to bring them together or tear them apart?

Dark Elves IV: Dissent is the long-awaited addition to the Dark Elves series that many of us have waited for. Yes, I know I was not alone on the wait.  Marisol has promised to always take care of her brother no matter what and is now on the run with him.  Jarak is hunting down the rouges who have lost faith with their Rhaeja (King) and finds not only a bunch of rogues, but Marisol and Geriman in bad shape.  With the circumstances that brought Marisol and Jarak together, you would think that any deep feelings would be impossible, but then, you just donít know Ms. Mykles.  I was amazed and pleased as I read about not only the path that Marisol and Jarak had to travel, but also the new twists that were added to the Dark Elves' lives.  Not only did I find Dark Elves IV: Dissent a Ďcanít put it downí read, I also had to go back and reread the first three books.  I loved Marisol and Jarakís story and was happy to be reacquainted with some of the characters from the prior books to see how they were doing.  I would encourage any paranormal lover to pick up Dark Elves IV: Dissent, and if you havenít already done so, get the first three books, too Ė you wonít regret it.  Iím going on the record here to request that we wonít have to wait too long before Dark Elves 5.


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