Dangerous to Know by Anne Sole

Dark Eden Press


Reviewed by Jen



Mike Wendell, ex-cop, is now a sharp private investigator with an enemy trying to sink his business. Karin fears her twin sister has been murdered, and asks Mike to Investigate. At the same time, Mike receives an offer to track an art theft and accepts because the fee he receives will keep his struggling agency afloat. He feels obliged to help Karin but warns her it may take a while.

The two threads slowly merge in Dangerous To Know and become a single strand that leads Mike to London, where Karin lives. Working through the mystery brings them close enough to have Mike, for reasons of his own, fighting his attraction to her. The book has a well thought out plot and holds one or two surprises that keep the reader reading on and on. I thought it was a good read, particularly for the insights into the very different worlds of art and modeling.


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