Curse of the Gargoyle by Tara Nina

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419909719

Reviewed by Ley



Researching and restoring ancient folklore and mythology was the perfect job for Ericka Russell, she loved everything about it, until she found herself on a plane to Scotland to help her eccentric aunt with her latest project.  Ericka hated to fly but her aunt needed her to come to Scotland, and Ericka needed to see why her aunt bought a castle that appears to be haunted by a 17th century curse that has turned men to stone.  Ericka believed there was no such thing as curses, at least that was her belief until she freed Gavin, the beautiful Scotsman who set her body on fire with just a touch.

Trapped in a stone tomb for over a hundred years, Gavin McKinnon finds himself thrown into a strange world when he is partially freed by a woman different from any he has ever known.  He finds many pleasures with Ericka, but his need for revenge and the sorrow over his lost family is strong and overshadows any happiness he may find with Ericka.

Curse of the Gargoyle is different, imaginative and very good.  Tara Nina has to have one wild imagination to come up with such an entertaining and very hot story. The love scenes between Gavin and Ericka were on fire and very sensual.  I just adored Aunt May, she was a strong figure who didnít mind having people underestimate her, because it kept her at an advantage.  Curse of the Gargoyle is a fantastic read for anyone who likes mystery, romance and gorgeous Scottish men, but the greatest part about this book is that there is more to come.


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